Now THAT is advertising

One of my professors shared this today, and I had to pass it on.

Most Immersive Outdoor Ad Ever

Tue, Jan 18, 2011


Caribou Coffee Bus Shelter

Does all outdoor advertising have to be two dimensional and boring? Ad agencyColley+McVoy and Caribou Coffee show that’s not the case with an ad concept that really puts consumers next to the product. Or, at least the consumers will FEEL like they are next to the product being promoted, a line of new hot breakfast sandwiches. The agency designed bus shelters that look like ovens, right down to an actual heating element in the ceiling. And, since the campaign is running in chilly Minneapolis, commuters will appreciate the warmth.

This design has to be one of the most immersive outdoor ads ever, at least for those commuters and passers-by who step into it. And even for drive-by traffic, the oven-like design is eye-catching and immediately decipherable. While the Caribou branding isn’t overwhelming, I think most viewers would be intrigued enough to look closely or even ask someone else. I’m confident that if anyone asked a commuter who had used this shelter, “What’s new at Caribou Coffee?” they would know the answer. One other subtle message: by showing an oven with a heating element, they are communicating that the new sandwiches aren’t microwave-heated. Overall, a highly creative and effective ad!
[Via AdRants]



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